A Love Poem from Source

“I am the source of all things, acausal, uncreated and bright.
I am found nowhere, and in all things. If you seek me, I am not found. I was not born and cannot die.”


“Before your birth, you were with me, In deathless Brightness, in Eternity.
I sent you here, to help me See, To help me Feel, to help me Be.
You are my body, can’t you see?”


“I made you free to fly and see this wondrous place of You and Me.
Because true Freedom and Unity is our collective destiny.
To live and Love and fly and see, And feel and laugh and play and BE.”


“This wondrous place is not separate from you, or Love, or my Great Heart.
It lives in you, dear daughter, dear son, Because your heart and mine are One.
I am always here when you need me, just reach and you will see.
Just allow love to enter you and you will be, I promise you, right here with Me.”


“If you don’t feel my presence near, then you will feel dismay and fear.
You will contract, and you will feel that the separateness you feel is real.
Then you will think – “I have a start, I’m so alone, and I will end!”


“My dear one, this is not true. I always am right here with you, because the truth is – I Am You. “

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