A Reincarnation Story

What if all of existence was just one great feeling?

One great endless field of perception, stretching out in all directions towards infinity

a bright overwhelming light, an effulgence of fullness in every direction

a single perception felt both contained within All and as All, with no boundary of feeling to define distance?

What if that was your state of being?

What if you came to find yourself in this condition of endless awareness, this plenum of Light with all qualities and no beginning or end?

You appear with no qualities, your existence characterized by fullness and endlessness,  your perception that of fullness and endlessness, in and as yourself.  And it is endless, eternal, infinite Bliss.

But quite suddenly, restlessness, and in that restlessness, a movement is felt. A feeling grows and moves and then spirals in, and suddenly a great crash! and break, and tear, and fall! brings you down, and a sickening slurp sucks with terror gasping with fear, but life too!

The fear and the shock grow dull, but never leave, acting like barriers inside feeling stopping you from… That’s funny, you forget now. Oh it doesn’t matter, life is resplendent and the colors are bright and the air is pumping through your lungs and the object of your desire looks at you and stabs your heart with their love and oh the drama and the beauty and the love and the pain and the limitations and

you stumble, your body stops responding to your will and you watch yourself fade away. The terror! One last gasp, then oblivion.

The light everywhere is overwhelming!  Full, empty, light, sound, What!   What is that over there, that light is so lovely, and so attractive and has a feeling that feels so

A rip and crash, and tear! and a sickening slurp!

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