A UFO Story

There is an unbelievable amount of evidence that something is flying around in our skies that we cannot identify. And that’s a big deal because when we say that that means we pretty much know for sure it’s not another human that built it, and if there is, their technology is effectively alien technology.

There’s also pretty clear data that shows a noticeable uptick in UFO reports after we started testing atomic weapons. Their technology seems to be able to allow them to materialize in dematerialize as many reports indicate that capability and several videos which have not yet explain to be hoaxes show.

Transdimensional Neighbors

All of that is enough evidence to warrant further investigation at the very least, And enough for me to formulate a theory. Given what I know about how reality is constructed, and what quantum physics tells us, there’s a very high probability that the many worlds hypothesis is correct, and that every moment does in fact result In the creation of a set of divergent universes per bit of input will. This results in an infinity of universes, but more relevant results in universes that are likely entangled in multiple ways.

Quantum theory says very clearly that at the quantum level, virtual particles are free to do what they will irrespective of time in space. Likely, the specific periodicity of the conditions of this neck of the woods – mostly our solar system – creates a periodic structure that is harmonically linked to one or more other universes that it intersects on a regular basis.

Unintended Consequences

One of those major harmonic universes holds intelligent beings capable of interdimensional travel. When we started setting off nuclear bombs, we started causing damage somewhere else.

We also caused damage here we did not recognize. Several atomic tests we conducted resulted in yields that were far in excess of what was expected. There still exists no conventional explanation for the anomalous yields of the bombs – but the unconventional explanation is that atomic weapons potentially cause unintended damage in more than one reality.

We still don’t know anything about the composition of stars or how our Sun even works. We only have theory, assembled from the evidence we could gather and the scientific theories available in the standard model.

Our mainstream astronomers and cosmologists have been persecuting those who have been pointing out the electrical nature of the universe – a nature that is clearly observable in a variety cosmic phenomena. Plasma cosmologists are now being vindicated as discovery after discovery continues to confirm the electrical nature of the universe. The clergy is now in the process of being forced to except these new truths. The universe is electric, and our solar system is a circuit.

Any circuit will be composed of components whose variables are changing over time as their relative position from each other changes. The composition of electrical charge and dielectric resistance creates large scale electric and magnetic fields which have a very real affect on everything.

The overall physical, dielectric and magnetic stress of any region creates occasional moments and places where entangled universes converge. These regions can be further stimulated in various ways in order to create a momentary bridge between worlds so that macroscale objects can enter into a momentary state of quantum superposition.

And now we’ve come back to our friends. Yes, there are visitors from another world coming by to check out what’s going on. They’re from another world in the sense that the world is parallel to ours. They don’t have to travel anywhere far, because their world is anchored to ours. They started getting irritated and curious when we started polluting their world with our bombs. They’ve been maintaining a watchful eye ever since, likely making sure that we don’t kill them with our stupidity.

This all sounds like a far out fairytale and fantastical story of ridiculous nonsense. The problem though is that all available evidence matches, and as long as you have the ability to presume the existence and possibility of such a thing, then it is an explanation as reasonable as presuming visitors from another solar system.


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