All of Everything is Full of Light

Science says this: every cubic centimeter of empty space contains 10^104 ergs of potential energy – that’s a 10 with 104 zeroes after it, far more than the actual observable amount of energy and matter that we can see in the Universe – 24 orders of magnitude far.

More photons pop in and out of existance in that cubic centimeter of empty space at any instant that is emitted by a hundred suns. It all happens moment to moment, in this field of infinite coherence.

Think about it for a moment – your body literally effloresces in the light of a million Suns. You just can’t see it happening because the photons are reabsorbed into nothingness before they reach your eyes.

Our total Spiritual Tradition says this: All religions, and all spiritual practices, point to the nature of Reality as an infinitely coherent, eternally-present field of Conscious Light and that you ARE that Conscious Light.

Your sense of ‘self’ as limitation is fake news, a trickster meant to help you navigate this realm but emboldened into thinking itself real.

Consider this Truth. Science and all the Great Traditions of mankind agree on it. Then go experience it for yourself.

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