Dark Matter is not what you Think

Dark matter is the ‘something’ that binds galaxies together.  In the late 1970’s astronomer Vera Rubin noticed something odd.  Galaxies were spinning much too fast.  The stars on the edges were spinning as fast as those near the center. Something was holding them together.

So scientists created invisible heavy stuff and called it Dark Matter. Dark Matter is not intrinsic to galaxies. Some have none at all.

Dark Matter affects how stars move within galaxies, how galaxies tug on each other, and how all that matter clumped together in the first place.

It is to the cosmos like air is to humans. Ubiquitous, necessary, unseen but felt. It is to the cosmos like air is to humans.  Could it actually be that this analogy is not mere metaphor?

Life is a collection of systems that make order from chaos.  This is true on the human scale all the way down to the quantum. Why wouldn’t this be true to the galactic scale? Science can’t connect the differences between the quantum scale and the universal.

But are we sure there are any? Maybe the difference is in the middle. Have we missed the obvious the entire time by presuming we are looking at a dead Universe?

What if instead – the Universe was alive? Dark matter acts in the same way that the force that gives us life acts. When it is there, all the parts of the whole are coherent. When it is gone, the parts of the whole no longer cohere.

Dark Matter is lifeforce itself – the cosmic signature of life on display. It is the proof of a living Universe and the missing mass in the middle. There is no missing mass. Science isn’t wrong, just incomplete.  Biology isn’t wrong, just incomplete.

The Cosmos must be seen for what it is. Parts of a living whole. A breathing system, creating order from Chaos, countering entropy with life.

Everything is alive, and dark matter is the Lifeforce.

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