Individuated Perspective Creates Reality

The individuated perspective model of experience is the natural expressive mode of perception within (fractal) phenomenal space. It is spontaneously adopted by Consciousness when Consciousness expresses itself in phenomenal space as a point-of-perspective. 

This point-of-perspective can be thought of as a dimensionless singularity with an apparent ‘location’ within phenomenal space, and now experiencing ‘time’ as a result of the observation of the inevitable dissolution of the phenomena being observed.

Even though the point-of-perspective has a non-local ‘source’, it’s introduction into phenomena immediately raises the dimensionality of the phenomena from a fractal to a whole number, thus generating an apparently-real-seeming reality from the point-of-perspective.

Perspective is the fundamental element that collapses the indeterminate fractal space of phenomena occurring within consciousness into a specific and defined causal structure. Thus, the point-of-perspective directly and actively creates all other observable phenomena. 

Nothing can exist in a conceptual space that contains less than three elements. In order for one element to observe any ‘thing’, it must be able to observe the other element changing its relationship to the third in phenomenal space. Without point-of-view, phenomena arising within consciousness can be said to contain an indeterminate number of elements. 

Thus, though phenomena can become manifest, phenomena remains unmanifest until it is observed,  through the point of view, which does notice a determinate number of elements greater than one, thus collapsing observed phenomena into a specific event.


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