Moire Pattern Reveal the Hidden Geometry of Space – How Moire Patterns Create Emergent Effects

Moire patterns are a fascinating visual effect that occurs when a series of closely projected lines are superimposed onto another series of lines or grid of similar size. The interaction of light between the two grids creates a third pattern which emerges from the two. This pattern is an interference pattern projected from light passing through both individual patterns and revealing interactions of the frequencies of each overlay. Take a look at the image below (WARNING: if you are prone to seizures, do not proceed!)
Could reality be structured the same way? After all. each point in space is essentially analogous to what we see on the screen, each point in space when struck with light projected against the backdrop of the quantized plank space we appear to exist in.
Could the fundamental forces have their source in the same types of interaction? Could they be simply projected effects of the geometry of two points and the light between them?
I don’t see much difference between the two, other than the fact that this video and my monitor has much bigger pixels than reality.
But the fundamental concepts are the same. So,it shouldn’t matter all that much, what matters here is the fact that space is quantized and by that very fact, this kind of emergent geometric effect must occur within from the perspective of any point within that space. Take a look at the effect for yourself (make the video as big as you can):

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