New Atlantis – an American Story

The United States of America was born from Enlightened principles applied by common men who understood that these principles have th power to Enlighten men and women by the very contemplation of their meaning – that when you give men and women the freedom to determine the course of their own lives, they grow up inside.
You can read the official history of these men in this country’s history books everywhere. But these men have another story, one hidden from the public eye, one steeped in esotericism and ancient knowledge. Believe it, or don’t, as you wish.
Our founding fathers wished to form a more perfect union, one designed to establish Justice, made to insure our domestic tranquility, trusted to provide for our common defense, made to promote the general welfare of all of us, so that we, and our children could receive the blessings that happen to one when they wield their Free Will intelligently.
The United States of America was a rebirth of the greatness of the last World age. It was to be a new Atlantis, arisen from the ignorance of man after a 10,000 struggle with his lower nature.
The founding fathers believed this because this is what the highest order of Freemasons believe. Our founding fathers were actively and consciously trying to recreate the Free Lands of Atlantis, the once great civilization that existed on this planet for well over 35,000 years and revered as a beacon of light for all who loved Freedom.
However, not all was well in Atlantis 12,000 ago. The enlightened principles upon which it was founded were under attack as they are now. It was another moment like this one, where truth itself was under attack. Why? Because the application and experience of Truth made deceit self-evident To all beings. Truth was as plain as day tacitly. There was no confusion about true and false, because it was impossible to lie, because a lie was visibly obvious to all. Self evident..
So the only way for the attacker to win was to attack truth itself. The Atlanteans, having very little experience or defense against the literal destruction of core of truth in a being, were just getting their asses handed to them. It was not pretty, and super not cool at all.
However, this being planet Earth where there’s always something exciting in the wings, a giant meteor decided to make its entrance, smashed into the North American sea ice that covered Canada and America, and vaporized zillions of trillions of tons of water pretty much all at once.
The resulting tidal waves and floods and never-ending rain still haunts our collective memories, and interrupted the rather nasty brawl in progress.
Cue the 1700s, secret societies, the Masons, and other characters you haven’t heard of, hanging out on the same new land that once bore the waters that drowned their ancestors long ago. Being no fools, and schooled in esoteric secrets that the church had long been convinced in public was evil but utterly fascinated about in private, our ancestors decided to engage in an experiment, to see just how cyclical life was. Atlantis once was, could it be again?
This new Atlantis was to be the next great Catalyst into man’s new Golden age, breaking the tyranny of ignorant kingship – wielded by ignorant fools empty of wisdom or empathy and driven by man’s most animal instincts.
It was to be a place where truth was celebrated, where men could be free to determine their own destiny how it so pleased them as long as they agreed to one thing – that they work together at least for common welfare and domestic tranquility, that they agree to a just and fair system for all participants, and that they work together to ensure that this same system was available to their descendants.
That was the deal. No matter what any one of us or any group of us thought, the pact was we could trust each other to pick leaders among us who believed in these principles, because it was the principles when applied that would guarantee the longevity of the system. We trusted each other to pick leaders that believed in what our forefathers gave us as our gift at birth.
That was the guard rail that kept this all together- common belief in principles that by their nature Enlighten you. It’s what made us tolerant when we lost and compassionate when we won. You could trust the other guy to pick someone that had principles aligned with light and truth, as best understood by the humans of the moment.
The moment. Nothing is new in the universe, And so here we are again, 12,000 years later. There’s no need for me to go into detail about the moment. We are all living through it right now. And so the exciting part, what will you do, this time? What exciting choices in this never ending choose your own adventure construct that we seemingly exist in?
What’s your hope for the exciting season two finale of earth the reality show? I mean we did collectively invite our favorite showmen and women, happily deceiving us for the last 12,000 years! You think cockroaches are hard to get rid of? No. Douchebags and their stench are the hardest thing to get rid of. Choose wisely!
My only ask is that no matter what you do, ask yourself, what will you gain from it? Is it already real and tangible, or is it merely an idea or promise? Will it increase our general welfare? Does it strengthen our common defense? Are we experiencing domestic tranquility as a result of our common and individual action?
And most importantly, are we making sure that the blessings of liberty that we have received – the blessings of being born in the wealthiest, most powerful country in the world at a time of the largest technological and economic growth that Humanity can remember?
Most importantly, are you prepared to do something new with yourself, this time around? Where do the chips fall down for you, in the land that enlightens you, or one that terrifies you?
Are you in favor of keeping the land of light above water, as imperfect as it must always be in this imperfect world? Or are you ready to drown this land one more time?
Lastly, how much do you like giant meteors? Because seriously, all of a sudden this question is being shopped around a bit more than most of us might be comfortable with.
What once was will be. The beginning is always the end is always the beginning. Your free will determines whether your experience is where truth is self-evident, or deceit blinds for ever. Choose wisely.

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