Quantum Physics, Nonlocality, Hollywood and the Popular Arts

I hear so much conspiratorial talk these days about how ‘they’ are Influencing us. ‘They’ are sending us messaging through the media, ‘they’ are suddenly manipulating our attention, etc etc.

This sentiment is particularly relevant relative to Hollywood and the popular arts. Because nobody ever talks about this ‘they’, I think it’s time that we did. Who exactly is this ‘they’?

The reality of the situation as that there is no separation and we are all one, one event, one non-separate thing occurring. That means that there is no outside. There cannot *be* an outside in a thing that is not-Two. There’s nobody, ‘outside’.

There can’t BE an outside. There *is* NO ‘outside’ per-se. We ARE the information, the perceiver of it, and the mind upon which it is projected.

Hollywood, and art in itself, is a reflection of the subconscious. The subconscious is Mind, and Mind has no locality. Mind extends in time just as readily as it through space. There aren’t a bunch of minds, there’s Mind and our illusion of separateness.

So we are all involved in a grand event of Mind, And we just think we are separate. All we can see seemingly is the little slice from our perspective. And so we see Hollywood reflect these incredible truths that we are currently processing ourselves and we marvel at their reflective capacity.

We think that just because sometimes effects happen before their causes, that someone must be doing it to us.

And yet, physicists who understand what happens at the quantum level know that no such temporal restrictions occur at the quantum level. There’s no reason why information cannot travel backwards in time. This quality of non-locality is the fundamental quality of Mind.

And so what really interesting here, isn’t even the content of what’s being projected back at you, but how you interpret what’s happening relative to the entire event. Your fundamental presumption is what shapes your reality.

Do you presume yourself to be separate from all of the rest of creation and therefore presume the same thing in this instance and presume that another is externally influencing you, or do you presume yourself to be fundamentally integrated into the remainder of manifestation and therefore relate to phenomena as part of your own body and mind?

This one consideration has more effect in shaping your destiny as a perceiver than anything else, ever. This is the question and consideration that transforms, the question that enlightens, that ultimately frees you from yourself and your own limited self-conception.

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