Secrets of the Sun: The Solar Superflare Cycle

Our sun has a secret. It’s a secret so big, that we see its effects every day, and yet we miss it. One so ancient, that it’s been with us before memory began, but we can’t remember it. One so profound, that we speak of it all the time, but we can’t quite imagine it.  This secret, once revealed, will transform humanity’s understanding of itself and it’s place in the Universe.

Galactic Crossing, Solar Shift, Magnetic Excursion

The truth is simple, but it is profound: human civilization has existed on this planet far longer than the 6,000 years historians insist. The truth is that humanity is a quarter-million-year old species with a vast, deep, and forgotten history. 

Humanity has arisen and fallen many times before, rising from the ashes of the last, and every twelve thousand years, we face the wrath of the very star and planet that sustains us.

Roughly every twelve thousand years, our world suffers a series of rapid climate shifts, as it experiences a magnetic excursion and a period of intense solar flaring activity. This activity is triggered by the solar system’s crossing of the galactic equatorial zone, causing the entire solar system to reconfigure it’s own electromagnetic relationship to the galactic core.

The Ancients knew this, and created massive underground cities designed to shelter them from the Sun’s ferocity. Some of these cities are publicly known about, like Darenkuyu.  Others, such as the city complex under the Giza plateau, are kept secret, since they are simply too large to be explained away easily.

Ancient Ancestors, Advanced Technology

Our ancient ancestors were aware of the Sun’s cycles and deployed a system that generated an artificial protective barrier around their population centers in order to protect a portion of the planet from the Sun’s cosmic ferocity.  The remains of this planetary protection system can still be found, positioned along the equatorial line of a previous world age, and consisting of a network of pyramids located in Egypt, South America, and China.

The pyramids functioned as electromechanical transducers, capable of converting the earth’s natural mechanical energy into a temporary artificial magnetosphere designed to deflect the worst of the Sun’s flares.  The pyramids operated on the principle of piezoelectric transduction, converting the natural vibrations of our planet into a protective field that could reflect the Sun’s plasma blasts and dust shell ejections.

Does the physical evidence support this theory? It is interesting to note that many megalithic sites feature unexplained scorching. Moreover, Egypt is famous for it’s ‘desert glass’, a strange greenish glass prized by Ancient Egyptians thought to have been created via a meteor strike, even though evidence for the meteor itself has never been found.

An Ancient Secret

The ruling class have known this secret for as long as ruling classes have existed. In the mid-1950’s, the US Goverment found undeniable scientific evidence for it, on our moon. In 1958, after a Solar coronal hole event turned the sky red and terrified people the world over, the United States founded NASA with the stated public goal of beating the Russians to the moon.

NASA also had an esoteric intent, one whose leaders revealed from the start by naming their mission Apollo – a reference to the Greek Sun God.

What they found on the moon shocked them and confirmed their fears: the moon’s crust was composed of glass

dust.  This fact could only mean one thing, that our Moon received regular surface-melting blasts of solar plasma, followed by a rain of debris from the Sun’s dust shell ejecta.

This why the Apollo astronauts constantly referred to glass, and glassy surface, in their lunar observations, and why returning Apollo astronauts looked so grim in their return interviews. They were either told, or discovered this truth for themselves.

However – it was decided that humanity would not be told. Not, at least, until a means to save America was implemented. What followed has become the single greater cover-up anyone has ever attempted.

Alternative 2

Only once  did our scientists come close to discovering the truth: in 1966, Chan Thomas published ‘The Adam and Eve Story’, a book describing Earth’s recurring catastrophe cycle.

The book caused a stir in government circles and resulted in a number of interviews of the author, which were promptly classified.  They did so because of a critical idea presented therein by Mr. Thomas, an idea that could have been used to successfully prove earth crust displacement theory, a discovery which would have then led to a public discovery of the Sun’s secrets.

The Moon mission marked the beginning of a period of 50 years of continuous construction that has not stopped to this day, and  spawned the largest and longest-running secret project that humanity has ever engaged in.

A Modern-Day Ark

Since the 1950’s the US government has spent over 21 trillion dollars to create the largest underground network of survival shelters ever made – a network which covers the entire continental united states, with cavernous underground cities, connected by vast underground railways, ready to house millions of humans.

This system of underground shelters, and the reason for their existence, is the biggest secret in the world today, even though many, many people know about it and have spoken about it over the last half-century. 

Kept in the Dark

Unfortunately,  little chance exists of a large-scale disclosure of the truth before it is too late. Even in the face of mounting evidence, the scientific establishment continues to refuse to even consider that the Sun has a role to play in climate change.

Discussion about climate change has been constrained to the point that it is impossible for anyone to discuss the topic without turning it into a binary argument with meaningless answers.

The discussion leaves no room for a third possibility: that climate is a system that humans can and do affect *and* that it is also a solar system-wide event, and not localized to planet Earth, coincident with our industrial revolution, and that the observational evidence for this fact cannot be ignored. One simply has to look up at the sky and notice what’s happening above their heads.

One cannot help but feel as if the establishment is determined to never reveal this secret.

Hard Evidence

Let’s take a look at the facts.  In our local stellar neighborhood, and immediately adjacent to our Sun, the three closest stars to us, Proxima Centauri, AD Leonis, and Barnard’s Star have all recently exhibited highly unusual super flaring events almost simultaneously, taking astronomers completely by surprise.

In our Solar System, almost every planet is showing signs of rapid climate change:

  1. Pluto’s atmosphere has collapsed entirely in less than a year
  2. Neptune spawned a giant storm, which spontaneously reversed course
  3. Uranus is displaying flaring events at its poles.
  4. Jupiter’s radio emissions have changed, its red spot is shrinking, other storms are appearing
  5. Mars is in the throes of global warming more severe than ours
  6. Venus’s global winds have increased in speed by 33%, in turn increasing the rotational speed of the planet.

A Scientific Refusal of the Facts

Here on Earth, Our climate churns alongside its planetary peers, displaying increasingly ferocious behavior as we watch, powerless to affect it, blamed entirely for its destruction, while someone else reaps the financial benefits.  Any discussion of the causes and contributors of climate change triggers a preprogrammed binary choice debate doomed to end in disagreement.

Even with mounting evidence to the contrary, mainstream science continues to beat the drums of purely anthropogenic climate change and refuses to look at any other possibilities even in the face of new scientific evidence. All the while our richest billionaires get richer from government grants and carbon credits, pay little to no taxes, and pollute with impunity.  

Is it any wonder that so many feel so powerless at this moment?

To be Continued in Part 2, Our Current Predicament

Fact check: Gohmert’s attempts to connect moon orbits and solar flares to climate change – CNNPolitics

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