The Evolution/Saviorship Model vs. Transformation/Mastership Model

For ten thousand years, humanity has been in fear. Fear of each other, fear of themselves, fear of their environment. This fear – and the effects of this fear – can be plainly seen in man’s physical, emotional, mental, and above all, spiritual environments. 

Humanity has largely forgotten how to feel, and allowed their base material instincts to engineer a system of control based on future reward and present fear.  The system is simple: promise a reward of eternal salvation in return for present-time compliance and submission.  The task is accomplished by placing God outside the individual, and requiring them to pass through an authorized intermediary to regain their salvation. 

The individual is in this way rendered impotent of Creative life force, and thus subjugates themselves readily in return for a promise of a future salvation, a promise that has even been monetized – to the clergy’s great benefit – in the past.

Even when the path is not this overtly fraught with hazard, the evolution / saviorship context remains, implying that the individual was born into this world incapable to make the most personal decisions for themselves relative to their connection with God, and thus must (either through their own efforts or the efforts of someone acting as intermediary to God) return to the moment before birth (or after death) to receive God’s salvation and gain God’s Love.

In Truth, God’s salvation and Love are ever-present and boundless, and cannot be modified by any human slight or insult. 

The process embedded in reality that all eventual coherent integrals follow thus naturally projects a framework of perception that presumes the presence of Source at all times, and proclaims God’s love for his creation, rather than placing Man as a recipient of punishment for misbehavior. 

This model is fundamentally based on transformation and mastership and places the individual as a full creative participant in the process of their existence, unimpeded in their direct and living connection to the Divine. The individual is focused on their transformational process and free to explore reality in whatever way they wish. 

In this way, the individual’s life becomes a journey of unfolding and mastery, unique to them and the divine creative force – a force with which they directly commune with on a regular basis. 

When this happens, The Universe then naturally gives way to the individual and transforms, as if by magic, from one seemingly characterized by Darwininan evolution and cold survival of the fittest as a final destiny, to one vibrant and alive with Consciousness, creative force, and fundamental goodness. 


Psychobehavioral Framework of the Coherent Integral

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