The Present Moment Cannot be Seen with the Senses

One interesting feature about consciousness is that it never truly experiences the present moment except by its own capacity, and is inherently fooled by the body it inhabits into making a set of constant false presumptions about its condition.

The reason for this is simple. All sense-perception is bioelectric in nature. This means that all perceptions received by the senses take time to arrive to their destination for processing. By the time the brain has figured out what is going on, the actual event that triggered our reaction is long-over. Embarrasingly so.

Our minds constantly fool us into not noticing this when it happens. But in effect, humans live in the past nearly continuously and do not differenciate between the automaticities of sense perception and thought and the ‘feeling of being’ of conscious awareness at rest, nor seek to identify any aspect of themselves prior to their daily experience.

We think we are all doing a stand-up job living in reality, but the truth is that we’re all living in the past chasing imaginary shadows, and the harder we chase the further from the present we get.

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