The Natural Process of Re-Memberance

There exists within the natural order a template of re-membering. This ancient template exists as a parcel of the divinity of Consciousness which assembles itself into phenomena. 

It is freely available to all points-of-perspective as a way back to Source, which is none other than the conscious Whole from which the seeming-part decohered. 

This process of re-memberance restructures the seeming-separate conscious field-projection into a fully-coherent scale-invariant holographic progenity of the parent reality-structure, thus  bridging the seeming-separate manifestation of reality into a trans-projection of itself with the point-of perspective as a fully-coherent integral within that projection. 

In this way, the seemingly-separate individual is reunited with God, As God. 

The process available to the aspirant coherent integral is always freely available in the structure of all things. It is encoded in the very mathematics of relatedness. 

Every instant that point-of-view is animated, the coherent integral process is illuminated, if only for a brief moment. It has a single source, which is Source itself, and it is transformative because it is a transformational process placed by Source itself to all who would deeply enquire into their nature, and allow the natural and universal yearning that all points-of-view feel when they approach their essence with feeling. 

All beings that perceive their condition as point-of-view and freely choose the path to recoherence may participate in this process. None who yearn earnestly are left behind. 

The process is made available as a natural special expression through incarnate representatives whose expressive structures are sufficiently interassociated so as to naturally express the coherent integral process through the language of their culture and belief.

Eventually, the species reaches a level of maturity sufficient enough that more direct explanations can be provided and deeper insights can be revealed as to the potential expressive structure of the human species. 

The coherent integral process is then delivered through representatives of the species through direct channeled means, and by that process is thereby made available as direct channeled empathic guidance to all who would sincerely engage in the study and understanding of the materials. 

The coherent integral process is a direct experiential process, and not a mere idea in mind. It is first understood in the mind as a structural mechanism for shaping intent, then directly transmitted by Source itself through the universal process of sympathetic resonance. 

In this process, the entire psycho-physical structure of the being is transformed, and the very fibers of the being are shaken loose from their self-referenced perceptual orientation and re-harmonized into a scale-invariant facsimile of Source. 

This process continues until the perceiver is sufficiently convinced of their own nature as Source and not merely as a portion of Source seeking reunion.

Once the perceiver makes this realization, the process of re-memberance is instantly resolved via a final cognition of the self-nature of the perceiver and phenomena.

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