The Shape of Numbers

Sacred Geometry is the study of the inherent shapes of numbers and how those numbers relate to each other and transform into each other.

The Universe is ceaseless motion. All things arise, and pass away. That motion is ruled by the inherent relationships created when Consciouness observes itself and manifests into the phenomenal realm. Those relationships have a universal expression, and a natural progression when they are manifest in space time.

Sacred Geometry reveals these relationships plainly. The Vescica Pisces isn’t just ‘symbology’. Its the actual symbol, doorway and shape of the vibrational pattern created by that frequency.

All numbers have an inherent shape. These shapes are defined by the unit relationships that number possesses.
In order to determine the shape of a number, decompose it into its prime factors – these are the ‘root frequencies’ that comprise the number.

Then, represent each of these primes as polygons, divide a circle by how many times they appear and offset each by that number of degrees. Use a line to represent a 2.

The result can be seen in the image above, which shows the shape of numbers from 1 to 81.  Neat! Useful, too. How?

Simple – the symbols give you an immediately clear understanding of how two or more values relate to each other from a structural and vibrational perspective.

Two immediate potential applications come to mind. From an engineering perspective this symbology is useful in determining the structural integrity of a potential construction, as looking at the symbology for the numbers in a blueprint tells you almost immediately how energy will dissipate through your structure.

From an artistic perspective, one can use these symbols to create melodies with inherently pleasing progressions, since the logical progression of the numbers produces pleasing melodies.

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