What is Sacred Geometry?

I have always found sacred geometry fascinating. Something about the idea of it has attracted my attention ever since I first heard the words. The words sacred geometry seem to suggest something in feeling: they suggest a fundamental connection between shape and the source of shape, between unmanifest and a manifest.  The concept itself is somehow associated with a feeling that feels right and true and elegant in a deep way. I’m not the only one who feels this way: the topic seems to be a very popular one online. The topic seems to be growing in popularity in fact, with more and more articles and videos on the subject.

A Definition

The problem is, when you ask someone to tell you what sacred geometry is, they normally have no good answer. At least, the answer was not satisfactory for me. Whenever I asked, I was usually told admonitions to go research it for myself (which I’ve done extensively and will be discussing through a series of essays posted on this website), given some general answer about God, berated for the asking the question as if I had insulted silence with demands for a self evident answer, or just generally ignored.

This turned out to be a very good thing, because it left me with no real preconceptions to hang onto, and allowed my general curiosity to explore what was there to find.

It turns out, everything was there to find. Sacred geometry is fundamental to understanding the structure of reality, as well as the structure of the manifestation of elements of that reality within the matrix in which it manifest. Sacred geometry describes both space, time, the relation of physical things to each other, as well as the probabilities of distribution of occurrence of any pattern which is inherent to itself. In other words, sacred geometry tells you how things are shaped, why they are shaped that way, and how those shapes will express through time and space.

Incredibly, all of this information comes from nothing. And that is the absolute mystery of all of this, because If you really want to understand sacred geometry, you have to start with nothing, quite literally. Start with a definition though so that we can all agree on what we’re talking about:

“Sacred Geometry is the theory and study of the fundamental physical forms and processes which arise as a natural result of  dimensionality”

The Foundational Science

Sacred geometry is foundational to anything and everything that has any physicality or existence at all, including ideas and conceptualizations, and anything that can be imagined in the realm of relatedness. All physical systems are subject to the foundational laws and principles of non-being, being and relateness.  Philosophical concepts such as self and non-self, me and other, positive and negative, are fundamental concepts operating at the very fabric level of the universe.

This fact is expressed in the geometry of all things because all things are things which have a count of elements that they are related to . The relationships between counts of elements describe areas of interaction which define either constructive or destructive interference patterns.  These interference patterns then describe a variety of things, including the statistical distribution of a stunning variety of measurements – from the distribution of the height of living things, to the mathematics of how a flower grows, the movements of the stock market… And on and on.

So sacred geometry is the study of all of that in and as a whole, and also the study of the specifics of those manifestations in different geometric forms. Why is it useful? Because if you understand how systems can evolve over time,  Then you can predict the behavior of the systems, and you can also mine the computational space of high probability answers to any particular question you may be posing of that data.

“Sacred geometry describes both space, time, the relation of physical things to each other, as well as the probabilities of distribution of occurrence of any pattern which is inherent to itself.”

The fractals which model all things are literally built into the structure of relatedness.  These fractals start from a singular seed whose perfect simplicity nonetheless produces every single form we see, and all we can imagine… amd more.

The start of our journey is clear, yet indefinable.  We must start where all things start, and where all things return. Nothing.

(Sacred Geometry: Part 2, The Void coming next week)

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