You are the Wave-function, and its Collapse

In quantum physics, the many-worlds interpretation posits that the Universe exists in a grand state of superposition and as a single, Grand wavefunction that collapses moment-to-moment into the reality that we perceive as specific and fixed, and that we all experience the same reality, with the same common origins and common destiny.

Something, somehow collapses this Grand wavefunction moment-to-moment. The scientific method tells us that this collapse occurs due to a process of measurement, but does not specifically describe precisely what “measurement” is. What collapses the universal wavefunction, and how?

What if one of our fundamental assumptions about reality was wrong? What if we “don’t” share a common origin and common destiny? And what if the action that collapses the universal wavefunction was as fundamental as the activity of our own perception?

Is it possible that the collective firmament exists simply and fundamentally as a reflection of your own moment-to-moment projection and perception of it – and not as a philosophical abstraction but as an actual tangible manifestation of you?

After all, if quantum physics’ “many worlds interpretation” is true, and the universe is one grand wave function, then how can you be sure that wave function isn’t collapsing in this particular way only for you? How can you truly know that my version of the collapse is the same?

Is there a way to know whether we collectively experience same wave function collapse collectively as a continuum, or is each one of us going through our own individual collapse, each with a unique destiny? Are we the collective victims of an impersonal activity performed by an invisible tyrant? Or is reality fundamentally plastic, accommodating each of our histories and writing a future made only for us, resolving each moment of seeming limitation within a context that is fundamentally infinite?

Certainly, nothing exists in science that would contraindicate this possibility. There’s no real way to know whether we really did come from the same past and whether we’re all going towards the same future, because the only requirement for the current moment is that it be causally connected to the last in a consistent way- but there exist infinite possibilities that satisfy this requirement in a universe that expresses endless possibilities, moment-to-moment.

Maybe all realities are happening simultaneously, after all, each being collapsed by an infinite number of perspectives. You only see the one you are seeing now because you’re here and coincident with it.

After all, the math says says empty space has all potential within it. This is analogous to saying that all possibilities occur simultaneously and suggests that point of view itself is the measurement device that fundamentally collapses potentiality into specificity.

Maybe the Buddha was always right and always literal when he said at the beginning of the dhammapada in the summary statement of his foundational premise:

“you are what you think
all that you are arises with your thoughts
with your thoughts you make the world”

Isn’t that just a poetic way of summarizing quantum physics and the collapse of the universal wave function?

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